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This study presents, a comprehensive dataset that documents and provides a new and updated checklist of the freshwater fishes of the poorly known area of Iran including Makran and Mashkid River basins in the east and south eastern Iran. The list is based on historical literature records and taxon occurrence data obtained as a result of extensive field expeditions, examination of ichthyological collections and literature review. The total confirmed and recently not confirmed freshwater fish species of the Makran and Mashkid basins comprise 28 species in 21 genera, 9 families, 6 orders and one class. The most diverse order is the Cypriniformes with 17 species (60.71%) followed by Gobiiformes with 4 species (14.28%), Cyprinodontiformes (3 species, 10.71%), Perciformes (2 species, 7.14%) and Gonorynchiformes and Mugiliformes each with 1 species (each, 3.57%). New species are supposed to be discovered, the taxonomic status of some species has been changed, some are being resurrected from synonymy, and some taxonomic problems remain and are commented on briefly.  Eight endemic species (28.57%) in 4 genera and 4 families; and 5 exotic species (17.85%) in 5 genera and 2 families are listed here. The fish taxa were classified into different major groups based on the fish ichthyogeographical origin, ecoregion and ecological factors (tolerance to salt water and mode of life). The depauperate fauna of these basins is a consequence of lacking the diverse habitat and having semi-desert to desert environment (despite marine connection for Makran basin).


Fish diversity Biogeography Ichthyogeography Ecoregion Endemic Iran.

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ESMAEILI, H. R., KHAJEPANA, A., MEHRABAN, H., ELMI, A., MALEKZEHI, H., & PAZIRA, A. (2015). Fishes of the Mashkid and Makran basins of Iran: an updated checklist and ichthyogeography. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 2(2), 113–132.


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