Development of liver and pancreas in Acipenser persicus (Borodin, 1897): A histological study



In the present study, different stages of the ontogeny of the liver and pancreas in the Acipenser persicus were illustrated from hatching until 36 days post hatching (dph) by histological techniques. The histological sections (sagittal plane) were made by a microtome at a thickness of 5 µm and stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin, Periodic Acid-Schiff and Masson's trichrome. Based on the results, in 2 dph, liver stroma was formed and stellate hepatocytes included numerous vacuoles with nuclei situated parametrically. On 10 dph, the pancreas was observed between the liver and anterior part of the intestine for the first time. Exocrine pancreatic cells were organized in acini. At 18 dph, the central veins and hepatic sinusoids were remarkably apparent in the middle of the liver parenchyma. The pancreas grew as a basophilic organ and it was situated in the posterior intestine on the 22-dph, bile duct, portal vein and hepatic artery was acquiring their structure in connective tissue. On day 36, the liver was characterized by an enlarged and organized form. Formation of the hepatopancreatic tissue is completed within 16 to 36 days after hatching.


Persian sturgeon, Liver, Pancreas, Ontogeny, Histology.

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