Anzali Wetland Basin Fishes, by Abbasi K., Moradi M. & Mirzajani A.R. 2018. North Green Books Publishing, Lahijan. First Edition, 144 p. ISBN: 978-622-6715-00-3. (In Persian)



Wetlands, as one of the most important natural habitats in the world, have a high ecological diversity. There are many wetlands in the Iranian Caspian Sea basin, that important one is the Anzali Wetland. This aquatic ecosystem is habitat of a significant portion of the fish species of the Caspian Sea basin. Therefore, the present work was aimed to reviews the book "Fish of Anzali Wetland" written by Abbasi et al. (2018). The book provides useful information about the morphological, biological, and ecological characteristics of its fish species as well as their conservation status. Since this book published in Farsi, therefor reviewing it by providing an abstract can be useful of ichthyologist and other researches.


Anzali Wetland, Caspian Sea, Exotic, Endemic.

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