Assignment of Acanthopagrus populations in the Persian Gulf drainage system of Iran to Acanthopagrus arabicus Iwatsuki, 2013 (Perciformes: Sparidae)

Hamid Reza ESMAEILI, Mojtaba MASOUDI, Hamid Reza MEHRABAN


The distribution of yellowfin seabream populations in estuaries and inland rivers in coastal area of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz is presented. Based on morphological and mersitic characteristics and also color pattern, these populations are assigned to the recently described sparid fish, Acanthopagrus arabicus Iwatsuki, 2013 which is distinguished by pelvic and anal fins vivid or strong yellow; black streaks proximally on inter-radial membranes between yellow anal-fin rays absent; lower caudal-fin lobe yellow; clear black blotches usually absent just beneath inter-radial membranes between dorsal-fin rays but upper dorsal-fin membrane often with darker margin; weak diffuse dark blotch at origin of lateral line, usually covering first pored lateral-line scale, continuing as a dense dark shading over upper part of posterior opercle.


Yellowfin seabream, Distribution, Persian Gulf, Iran.

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