First record of Lutjanus indicus Allen, White & Erdmann, 2013 (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) from Andhra Pradesh, East Coast of India

Govinda Rao VELAMALA, Ramesh Babu KONDAMUDI, Muddula Krishna NARANJI


 In this study, presence of the snapper, Lutjanus indicus Allen, White & Erdmann, 2013 (Lutjanidae) is reported for the first time from the Visakhapatnam coastal waters, East coast of India and detailed characteristics of the collected specimens (158-296 mm SL) are provided. In addition, significant color differences, especially a series of eight narrow yellow to brown stripes on the side, obliquely rising dorsally and posteriorly on body which are useful for separating the two closely related congener species (L. indicus and L. russellii) are presented. Here, we confirm the occurrence of Lutjanus indicus in Indian coast and extend the range of the occurrence of this species to Bay of Bengal.


Morphology, Lutjanus, Distribution, Range extension, Bay of Bengal.

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