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In the present study a single individual (64 mm SL) of Seamoths Eurypegasus draconis Linnaeus, 1766 was recorded from the Kasimedu fisheries harbour, Chennai coast. This is the first record of the species from mainland of India Chennai, Tamil Nadu coast and third record from Indian waters. After three decades the species were documented in the Indian coast. A systematic account of the species and distributions are provided. The species has been compared with earlier studies and similar species of E. papilio.


Syngnathiformes Distribution Systematics Indian coast.

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Krishnan SILAMBARASAN, Fishery Survey of India, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India


Palaniswamy SENTHILKUMAAR, P.G. and Research Department of Zoology, Sir Theagaraya College, Chennai, India.


Arumugam SUNDARAMANICKAM, Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Annamalai University, Parangipettai, India.

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SILAMBARASAN, K., SENTHILKUMAAR, P., & SUNDARAMANICKAM, A. (2020). First record of Seamoths Eurypegasus draconis (Teleostei: Pegasidae) in the Tamil Nadu coast, India. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 7(4), 356–360.


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