Review of the Freshwater Catfishes of Iran (Order Siluriformes)

Brian W COAD


The systematics, morphology, distribution, biology, economic importance and conservation of the freshwater catfishes of Iran are described, the species are illustrated, and a bibliography on these fishes is provided. There are four families with four genera and six species, one of which is an exotic; the family Bagridae with one genus and species, Mystus pelusius in the Persian Gulf, Hormuz and Tigris River basins; the family Heteropneustidae with one genus and species, Heteropneustes fossilis in the Tigris River basin; the family Siluridae with one genus and two species, Silurus glanis in the Caspian Sea, Lake Orumiyeh and Hari River basins and Silurus triostegus in the Tigris River basin; and the family Sisoridae with one genus and two species, Glyptothorax kurdistanicus in the Tigris River basin and Glyptothorax silviae in the Persian Gulf and Tigris River basins. There are also some species in the neighboring regions which were not reported from Iran.


Bagridae, Biology, Heteropneustidae, Morphology, Siluridae, Sisoridae.

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