First record of the numbray, Narke dipterygia (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) from Iran (Elasmobranchii: Narkidae)



As a result of our survey in February 2011, a single female specimen of N. dipterygia was found in the tidal zone of Chabahar Bay and it was caught with a small deep net. The fish was transferred in a bucket to the Fisheries Laboratory of Chabahar Maritime University and kept in a salt water aquarium for further examinations. We witnessed the birth of 6 juveniles after 3 days. The female and her juveniles were kept in the aquarium for about six months and fed with live food. After that, they died and were fixed in 96% ethanol. The female fish total length was 172.02mm and weighed 18.21g. The fry total length ranged from 49.90-56.37mm and weighed 1.14-2.1.65g. The length-weight, length-disk length, disk length-electric organ length showed high correlations (r2>0.85), but the relationship between electric organ width and fish weight was low (r2=0.33). Although this species was recorded from the Arabian Sea and western Indian Ocean, this is the first record of this species from the Iranian waters.


Biometry, Distribution, Meristics, Morphometrics, Zoogeography.

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