First report of infection with the Tapeworm Ligula intestinalis (Linnaeus, 1758) plerocercoids in Persian bleak, Alburnus hohenackeri Kessler, 1870 in Southeastern Iran



The Lernaea parasite was reported in Alburnus hohenackeri Kessler, 1870, collected from the Char-Nimeh (or Chahnimeh) lake, Eastern Iran. Three fishes were infected with L. intestinalis having 3 to 22 parasites increasing with fish size. The maximum and minimum of parasite lengths were 138.02 mm and 24.54 mm respectively. The prevalence, mean intensity and abundance of infection by plerocercoid of L. intestinalis were 33.33%, 13.33, and 4.44 respectively.


Alburnus hohenackeri, Ligula intestinalis, Freshwater fish, Iran.

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